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is a healthcare platform that addresses some unmet healthcare needs and so the patients' stress points. Our mission is to help patients to become better patients because a well-organized patient is able to do a much better job during consultation.

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Benefits of Signup with UbCared

The requirement for online consultation has gone up drastically since the outbreak of coronavirus.As going out these days is certainly not safe, millions of patients are looking for online consultation from a reputed doctor. So, doctors are joining various medical platforms and help patients alternately to keep them healthy. The online doctor consultation has become a need of the hour. Considering this scenario, doctors have opted the digital method on a large scale. By following this approach, doctors are expanding their reach towards the well-being of patients. If you want to become a part of the digital world, then look no further. UbCared, one of the leading medical platforms can help you for real. All you need to do is just register Sign-Up for free. You will be onboarded in less than a minute, and then you can manage your patients, appointments and whatnot. You can Sign-Up very easily by entering your name and phone number. Complete your verification by entering the OTP received on your registered mobile number. Then you can complete your profile to get started and you can edit your profile later withother mandatory details. Also, add all the required details that maybe be important from the patient's perspective like timings, services and much more. After this, UbCared will verify your details, and in no time, you will be able to get started. The verification steps help you in getting listed as genuine doctor(s).

Easy Appointment Schedule

Once you are registered with us, patients can easily book their appointment by looking at your available time slots. This way you will be able to treat more patients. Let's say if you are a paediatrician, and a patient is searching for consultation from the same, then your profile will be displayed to thembased on feedback from other patients and locationand then patients can book the appointmentas per their convenience. If in case, for any reason you want to change the appointment to a different date and time, you will have the leverage to do it, and also the patient will be informed about the same. The video appointment interface is very easy to use for phoneappointments.There will be a real time notification of any appointment booked by patient(s). Doctors can also schedule a consultation through our app, patientsjust need to have a smart phone - they don't need any app on their mobile for online consultation using UbCared.

High Definition Video Call With Patient

After the patient has booked an appointment for online consultation, you can do it live via HD video call. Once you are done with the consulting part, prescribing medicine becomes the last step or guide them with appropriate steps. This way, patients will be able to get the first opinion without stepping out of the home.

Record Voice Summary

You will be able to record your voice(as dictation) to devise a summary for prescribing medicineand requesting diagnostic tests. The voice summary by doctors might help in future opinions.The consultation summary and e-prescription can also be hand typed by doctors

Appointment History

This feature helps in keeping a record of all the patients who took opinion from you and when. This feature will help you in treating your patients in fighting against coronavirus, as time is playing the main role. Let's say if a patient consulted you on 4 May 2020, and the patient's symptoms were resembling that of seasonal flu as well as to coronavirus. So, you prescribed a few medicines and asked the patient to do self-quarantine and come for the second opinion on 7 May 2020. After checking that patient, you observed that there were no serious complications. In short, this feature will keep a tab on when the patient took a consultation from you. For follow up you simply reschedule the appointment by clicking the reschedule button next to the relevant patient under patient history.

These features may help any doctor who is listed by us. But in case if the verification part is pending, or you have not opted for the same, then you will only be able to keep a record of your existing patients. This means your reach will be limited to very few individuals or those who are regularly taking opinion from you. So, it is very important to get yourself verified by us to expand your patient's reach and offer your consultation to a large number of people.

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Download UbCared ios app
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