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COVID-19 Test centres in India

Gone are those days, finding a lab for any regular test was difficult. You can find hundreds of test centres in your area and get your prescribed test done. But it is difficult to find a lab in your area, where you can go and take COVID-19 or coronavirus tests. To ease your pain and help you for real,Ubcared has listed all the test centres. These coronavirus test centres will be very close to your area, based on your entered location.

All you need to do is visit and enter your location. Then in a fraction of seconds, you will get a list of government-approved labs where you can visit and get your test done.

Do you need to take COVID-19 test?

Well, the answer to this question depends on whether you had any travel history from abroad. Or maybe which area you are living in or did you come in contact with an infected individual. Is there any family member who is showing early symptoms of coronavirus? If to any of these questions, the answer is yes, then you should go for consulting a doctor online. You can also book an appointment of doctor by visiting You can also book an appointment via the application on a mobile device.

How will you be tested for coronavirus?

There are two types of tests available, viral test and an antibody test. The viral test checks for ongoing or current infection, and the antibody test checks the previous infection. In either of the cases, it is best to seek medical advice first then based on the doctor's suggestion go for test. Nasal and throat swab is collected, followed by a blood sample. Nasal and throat swab sample helps in identifying the current infection. On the other hand, blood sample helps in identifying the antibodies in the body. The presence of antibody in the body depicts that the person was infected earlier, but now he or she is healthy.

Can COVID-19 test book online?

Yes, you can but it is best to take this test with doctor's prescription. The doctor examines you more closely and then suggest medicine for a definite time. This is done to check for all the possible symptoms because at times you are just suffering from normal flu. If in case the doctor finds the need to arrange the medical facilities for COVID-19 patients in a much secure way. Ubcared can help you in finding the COVID-19 test centres in your area. It doesn't matter you are from which area,Ubcared can help you in finding coronavirus test centres near you, using your GPS location.

Benefits of using Ubcared

Range of doctors, covering all your medical requirements. Whether you are down with COVID-19 or any other disease, our expert doctors will guide you       as per your needs.

One-stop solution to wave off all your medical associated worries.

Book and consult a doctor at the comfort of your home by booking an appointment online.

Ubcared has a range of COVID-19 products to ensure the safety of fellow people

We understand that nobody wants to die from such a deadly virus. This is one of the prime reasons that we are doing all possible things to build a safer environment for you. This is not easy as it may sound like, which is why we have covered all the necessary information to beat coronavirus. Starting from establishing awareness about coronavirus through the safety products for the human. And if you want to go for coronavirus test, then we have covered every part of India. That is, Ubcared is providing information on all coronavirus test centres in India. This is going to help you in identifying whether you are infected with coronavirus or not. To locate coronavirus test centres use Ubcared to ease your pain. And eliminate the tension of waiting for long hours in hospitals for coronavirus checking. Lastly, safety is in your own hands, all you need follow is good hygiene and maintain social distancing.



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